Test of your worth to engineers who think they deserve a job

September 6, 2010

Fastening sheets: as steel prices soar, appliance assemblers look …
In mid-2003, the price per ton of hot-rolled sheet steel was less than $300. … said most often shops see sheet metal about 1/4-inch thick. …
http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-132908890.html – Cached

Something deep in my soul is telling me that there is an opportunity in creating quality exercise equipment on the cheap when you can get a ton of steel for 300 dollars.



Can the engineers out there that are bored anyway go ahead and get me some plans to build some exercise equipment so at least one of us can make money. he he he

But yea also school yard type equipment is in short supply here.
I would also like to commission some of that as well.

I always thought it was rather funny how much value was added to something by just welding some pieces together and then painting it with some plastic type long lasting paint.

So yea need dimensions on the pieces and a diagram to put it together so I can start mass producing gyms at 300 per ton with quarter inch steel sheets.

Give me plans and I can go ahead and hand it to another guy to make.

If your an engineer figure out something simple you can re-engineer that you can make cheaper than anyone else. Then just sell that shit in an infomercial.

Maxicam Leg Extension Weight Machine
Available at external website: Furniture Superstore for $3,412.51
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I mean come on the above can’t be made cheaper and have the same quality?

I think everyone deserves their very own professional home gym for a set package price. How could it be automated so that one man putting in effort could do it himself.

Or put it this way if your engineering degree was worth the paper it was printed on you should be able to provide a pretty good case of why a company needs you or be able to make shit and not need a company to hire you for anything.

You should have a serious amount of rational self confidense pick up your nuts and barge into places like you have steel balls.


So someone said good luck finding plans and just measure up current equipment.


Looks like I will go buy autocad anyone played with it?

Click to access 1185245481-Leg_Press.pdf

Found this.

I don’t make sense sometimes.

September 3, 2010

I have no problem spending money on hotels and entertainment except when it comes to buying some concrete items I do have a problem. Something I need to work on.

660 Pound Olympic Weight Set with Bar and Collars
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Olympic Weight Bench / Olympic Bench Press with 300 lb Olympic Weight Set
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Powerline OWT24 EZ Olympic Plate Load Tree

PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack
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Deltech Fitness Lat Pulldown Machine
Buy new: $399.00 $359.00

Maxicam Leg Extension Weight Machine
Available at external website: Furniture Superstore for $3,412.51
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Kind of makes ya think of taking up welding eh

Talk about value added to some metal.

Steelflex Leg Extension / Leg Curl Machine
Buy new: $649.00 $610.96
3 new from $599.00
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Especially above very basic looking.

he he he

We have gone backwards in time and now may require hundreds of years to build a building.

September 1, 2010

One World Trade Center, also known by its former name Freedom Tower,[5] is the main building of the new World Trade Center complex in Lower Manhattan in New York City, New York. The tower will be located in the northwest corner of the 16-acre (65,000 m²) World Trade Center site bounded by Vesey, West, Washington and Fulton streets.[6] Construction on below-ground utility relocations, footings, and foundations for the [7][8] building began on April 27, 2006.[9] On March 30, 2009, the Port Authority said that the building will be known as ‘One World Trade Center’, replacing its former name ‘Freedom Tower’.[5] Upon completion, One World Trade Center will be the tallest building in the United States standing at a height of 1,776 feet (541.32 m).[10][11]

Along with One World Trade Center, the new World Trade Center site will feature three other high-rise office buildings along Greenwich Street and the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. The construction is part of an effort to memorialize and rebuild after the original World Trade Center complex was destroyed during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

9 years later still not built.

6 years in the making.

Six years in the making, and now 319 meters higher than previous skyscraping record-holder Taipei 101, Dubai’s newest edifice commands dizzying views of the ambitious building program that has transformed the emirate.

The structure’s architects, Chicago-based Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, have called the Burj Khalifa “a bold global icon that will serve as a model for future urban centers.”

Declaring that “tall buildings are back,” the company predicts that the groundbreaking techniques it used to push the Burj Khalifa to new heights should enable the construction of even taller towers in the future.
Dubai on Monday officially inaugurated the centerpiece of its decade-long construction boom,

I think with the 40k lawyers graduating a year we are just pretty much losing the ability to build shit.

No more room at the bench – Los Angeles Times
8 Jan 2010 … The American Bar Assn. allows unneeded new law schools to open and … There is a finite number of jobs for lawyers, and this continual flood of … the 45000 juris doctors graduating from U.S. law schools each year. …

Hey it is 45000 lawyers a year now.

I guess why we can’t build a building in NYC in freaking ten years.

Does the US face an engineering gap? / The Christian Science …
20 Dec 2005 … If China graduates more than eight times the number of engineers that the United States does, is it thrashing America in the technology race …
http://www.csmonitor.com/2005/1220/p01s01-ussc.html – Cached – Similar


About That Engineering Gap…
13 Dec 2005 … We found that the U.S. was graduating 222335 engineers, vs. 215000 from India. The closest comparable number reported by China is 644106, …

BIPARTISAN CONSENSUS. In recent years, the worldwide media has cited graduation numbers that show a huge imbalance of engineering graduates coming out of Chinese and Indian schools. One commonly cited set of figures is 600,000 engineers graduated annually from institutions of higher education in China, 350,000 from India, and 70,000 from the U.S.

Big money quote:

I knew that with a master’s of engineering management from Duke, these students were destined to be leaders, and that leadership can never be outsourced.

Leaders of who?
Where are they going to get the experience to lead from?
What projects are they going to know how to do if there are no projects being done?
10 years to build a building is unacceptable.
And the saddest part is that we aren’t even trying to build the tallest building.
Where is the pride?
Where has the pride gone?

I think someone may have outsourced it to China.
he he he

Make it take it

January 23, 2010

So work and save money. Make your woman work before having kids. Whats the problem again?

Then when you have kids nobody is talking about the 3600 dollars free money at the end of the year. Shit I should have started stockpiling kids at 16 and had 30. 108000 a year tax free. I think I could hire a couple people to watch them for a piece of that.

This chicks I knows grandmother had 20 kids.

All the people crying about how hard it is to have kids. Who the fuck put into your head that they were so expensive? The media thats who. Didn’t most of your grandmas and grandpas have over 10 kids?

Child support best reason to have a big family. Once you give her 9 kids are ya really gonna seperate after that?

Then your looking at 32k of free money lol

Your wife doesn’t need a job does she at that point?

We were lied to and didn’t look with our own eyes on the kid thing. I plan on having a 100 so will remedy that shit.

The problem is people love being slaves it makes life easier to digest. If you can be slave to a job or religion or a family you don’t have to think as much. Nor do you have to take responsibility for yourself. It is like the commercials I keep seeing for the credit bullshit. They had a new one where the guy could only get a cheap bicycle because he didn’t have credit. Or the commercials for refinancing a house. The thing is you can save the money for any fucking bicycle you want and pay for it with cash by working and not spending everything you earn. You can also personnaly save the money for your own small business by saving the money and buying it with cash. We live in the perfect society for a man to be rich who is willing to work some hours and not spend the money.

In america yemenese routinely work 84 hours a week (7 days 12 hours) for 2k a month. What they do then (if they save their money because they get a free place to live and free food) is open their own fucking store so they can then take vacations for years at a time back to their own country. Some of them don’t save money and you find those guys complaining about how hard it is to not have money lol

Consider a house for 300k

So if you make 50k a year it is 6 years of work.

If you make 100k a year it is 3 years of work.

10 dollars an hour times 84 hours a week times 52 weeks = 43680

So even at 10 bucks an hour 6.86 years.

Some duplexes in states going for 11 thousand dollars and you can rent them for 400 a side and get 800 a month income off of it.

So yea at the ten dollars an hour it would take 13 weeks of work to make the equivelant of 80 hours of work a month in cash. Then you keep doing that and you have bags of money.

So do a year of that and you basically make the same as working the 84 hours a week.

Course that doesn’t take into account that you know you need to have nice things lol so you must of course spend all the money you make because you deserve to have the best. Of course saving money is how you actually end up with the best.

Now picture two people doing that and you can realize why a wedge must be put in between men and woman so that teamwork can be mitigated. I mean really save one paycheck and spend the other. Too easy.

2 people out of high school can make 87260 lol

There goes the neighborhood.

If you can’t make it in america it is your problem.

Cable TV ads

January 15, 2010


Excerpt from article.

”””””””””’Many media experts are recommending cable TV advertising to their clients. “Prime time spots on broadcast TV cost $2,000 to $3,000 in this area. Prime time cable spots go for $175,” says Leslie Speidel, a media buyer in Raleigh, North Carolina (www.TheMarketingCoach.com).

Commercials on cable systems in the suburbs outside New York City are cheaper. Your 30 second spots run on CNN and ESPN for $25. Nick goes for $20 and TNN, BET, and VH-1 are $15 per commercial. Expect to get better rates when you buy packages of multiple spots.

Small town cable prices are even lower. It is not unusual to buy commercials for $2 to $3 in a town of 40,000 people. ”””””””””””””””

I was looking up some ad prices to maybe help someone raise money and this article blew my mind. This is nuts. So to have you own add on cable you could be paying like 2 dollars for a commercial. No wonder I have been seeing the sad animal over and over and over and over. They aren’t paying shit for doing it and they say for only 33 cents a day you can save an animal. Well for only 2 dollars a day they can then show the add daily to make even more money. Got to be some opportunity in this for someone in that frame of mind. Have your very own infomercial on the cheap. Wow.

I should have been selling the proprietary (gunslingergregi) way of life for only 19.95.

Spades and odds of winning and what is luck

January 13, 2010

I have been playing quit a few games of spades with my partner over the last few months and have lost three games. It has gotten to the point where people will put on their coat and walk out he he he

My partner and I are also split up because people basically see an imposibility of winning lol

But yea what the heck is that. People say it is how the cards fall but how can the cards fall in my favor about 97 times out of a hundred at least.

I was in bosnia for months before and only lost around three games as well. My partner and I became legends.

How is it that I can defy the odds on a cardgame and I don’t cheat.

In high school I actually made my lunch money senior year when I switched to public school and we had the requisite 15 minutes of teacher led class and 30 minutes of time to play a game called tonk which is basically 5 card rummy.

The spades not for money just “friendly” games except when people cry he he he


December 22, 2009

Man another christmas and not at my true home. I am actually bored for like the first time in my life and just want to be with my wife cuddling at this point. Dang it is hard on a guy when you get kidnapped by your company and sent to hell usa. Then stay to work some issues when I should have just got right on a plane and left when the one taking me here touched down. Some lessons I guess have to be learned through error I suppose. Hopefully finished with most of the dumb ones.

Pretty bad when I don’t even want to fuck right now. Just want to go home and make some love he he he

Things to do when you don’t have to do shit

November 5, 2009

I suppose I could teach myself to program as well just like I taught myself the office programs like excel when I became the best that I have seen with it. Might be something to do with free time. Plus then I can walk in anywhere for a company and instead of interviewing I can go ahead and ask where they think a problem area might be or what they dream of and I can come up with solutions to just fix a few of their problems or make dreams reality.

What to do when there is nothing you have to do

October 29, 2009

Why not become a legend?


Leaning towards beating the world record on bench. I have done 85 lbs before for 50 per set.
Then got to 135 could do 50.
I did 185 for 50 like it was easy.
I think I could do 1100 lbs to beat world record with maybe a year or 2 of training while doing a 50 set per smokebreak.
Become an animal.
Sounds cool.
Plus some bragging rights.
Saw this through lupos site


Post fucking owns.
Yea kind of inspirational.

“Harden the fuck up”
Yea good shit.

Plus used to curl 165 for 8 reps.
Mua Mua hahahahahaha

I hypothesize though that doing reps of 50 for every excercise you do will actually make you a lot stronger and able to whip the ass of guys who do the 5,2,8 or 10 rep programs.

Like the ability to put the same power into 50 punches that the other guy through lifting reps of 10 is only able to put into 10 punches. So just have to live through ten punches. Try living through 50 though he he he

Lets say I do 50 reps curl at 50 pounds. Once I do that how many times will I be able to curl properly 165.

Talking controlling the weight too not the wight controlling you or bouncing to get it up. Talking perfect form reps one, two, three, to fifty.

Think will help with wrist problems as well rather than destroying the body too much.

For instance when I was doing the 165 curls on straight bench bar. My wrists did feel fucked up which caused me to stop basically.

When I did 50 reps on bench though never had a problem at all.

The ideal woman I used to dream of at 18 decribed in song

October 28, 2009

If high this is some smooth stuff.