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Assisted legal suicide

July 31, 2009

Per the article apparently ok in Switzerland becoming more ok in england. I think good when the whole world condones it to the point where if people don’t want to be on this planet it is looked at as a choice rather than just staying because you have to. If most men are leading lives of quiet desperation then set them free I say from the dreery and the mundane. Course then the gov will start mandating who gets to stay to do some psychological warfare to make it a fear thing rather than a choice. The usual fare. Take the peoples choice and make it gov choice. So the gov will say people that have this disease will be let go or the not needed people. Those who perform the dreary and the mundane will still be needed. Hopefully they can make it a nice relaxing death for people and do them that favor. Instead of just denying care and letting them die. I’d like to see more going into the houses and pulling them out down to hospital under some false pretense like we are going to give you some blood tests and then just gas em.


Helicopter Rides

July 29, 2009

Suggest everyone try it once. The kind of helo with no windows. You have the wind whipping you face and you think maybe your cheeks gonna rip off your face as you look forward into the horizon. Your pants are whipping the shit out or you leg and your thinking no fucking way real life is someone hanging off the landing gear of a plane while it is flying 500 mph without getting ripped off (only a movie). Then you look out over the view the other side and you see below. It is some wild shit as the world speeds by below you in minature. Everything perfectly laid out. You see patches of cities amongst farmland and trees. Maybe some crazy looking gorges in the dessert. Video games are not really that far off from real life at the right altitude.


July 27, 2009

Median home price 247,900 dollars.


You can buy rental houses for 30,000 and then rent for 600 per month.
Or 247,900/30,000=8 rounded down.

Or 8*600=4800 a month gross then you could buy a 247,900 house.

Why I say is life a joke and also what is the point sometimes of playing this game?

Then thought like this:
I will leave you with one quotation included in the novel, chosen from Islam’s holy book:
“…whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind.”

Yea when you realize that maybe not all about money maybe could be about walking the earth trying your best to be a superhero. That may include getting rich as fuck though and making some additions to some great culture and memory creation.

World Population est 6.774 billion

July 27, 2009

The problem with this and with media is that with that many people to choose from there are a heck of a lot of outliers to showcase in the media as being all fucked up. When one bad thing happens it does not mean everything is going to shit.

Toss out a sensation to quell the look at global warming (retardation).

July 27, 2009

From Roissy’s

””””””’John S.
A map of the earth if we removed “only” 5% of the nations with the lowest GDP:”””””””

Holy Shit we got some conversation on the white cop black dude and they are trying to pass bill on global warming to reduce world gdp 5 percent. Which means at least 5 percent more layoffs right. Yea that shit was staged. Plus the health care thing which will further reduce gdp. If carbon dioxide is such a problem why can’t we plant more trees. Problem solved. What was the problem again?
Are people fucking this stupid?

on July 26, 2009 at 5:05 am gunslingergregi
Floating algee farms covering a thousand square miles again wtf are people talking about. Why can people not fucking think about a god dam thing.

Solve world hunger and fucking global (bitching) at the same time. Make fucking an empire state building tall structure 100 miles by 100 miles. fill that bitch with hydroponics power it off the fucking mohave dessert. How much CO2 is that removed again. All the special smart snowflakes who want something important to talk about because they ain’t getting pussy and don’t want it because they would rather contemplate reducing something that plants need to breath and we as human beings need to eat. So apparently whitey boy found another way to kill the global population that is pc instead of just killing em all bullet by bullet. Got to admit whitey is one smart motherfucker.

100 miles by 100 stories by 100 miles roughly 26 percent of landmass of us.

Irrigated Land in US Cia factbook.
214,000 sq km (1998 est.)

So yea lets times that irrigated land by ten and be able to feed world and be able to stop global warming and it will only cost around 5 percent of global gdp initially but then way less.

So yea that will also help employment for quite some time and guys will get to work a job they can be proud of and tell there kids and grandkids about participating in. Creating memories of resiliance and achievment for a new generation. Then build one just like it on the other side of the world. Spin balance the location using a computer model so in case people start saying the world is off balance.

I Miss You

July 26, 2009

I Miss You
Has Three little words
Equally said with heartfelt joyous earnest
As she’s trying to make you come home the soonest
Resolution casts the soul harder at its most perfect moment
To make you believe the world could hold some noble sentiment

People Argue About Things…Well…But…

July 26, 2009

Often if you look at frame it doesn’t matter. For instance we can talk about gaming women all day long. Sure, whatever solutions we come up with in a perfect world with perfect conditions they will work. But in the USA the divorce laws will still be hanging over the whole process if you decide to get married to the chick.

Or things like guys improving their game: What doesn’t get talked about often is drug game. Drug game, the overlooked game, the pretty lie about why chicks are with certain types and not the others. Kind of hard to be straight and narrow and get drug chicks. Could be luck though because you don’t get a wanna be with a ho because she just wants snow long term. But it would probably still be nice if ya could get her to blow. Biggest problem with that though is what if a high percentage of chicks are drug chicks and that is the true problem.

As Ghost of Nicole interestingly put it at roissies:

“There’s a glass ceiling for good boys.”

Bad Luck VS Destiny

July 25, 2009

Is it bad luck when we fail at something or are we failing so that we can learn and be able to feel the pain of it to assure we learn the lesson. I feel like I am almost intentionaly doing certain mistakes to personally learn from them rather than just read them in a book. I think maybe it is a deeper force at work than just moving towards a goal. I pretty much want to experience everything life has to offer. I think we are living our destiny. I am experiencing all the things I need to before moving on to the next phase of life.

Like if I would be independant already, maybe it would be too easy and never would have gotten to go through the challenges with my woman. Which would have meant that we would not have cement holding us together. Challenges, pain, love, fear, sex, passion, freedom. Probably better to experience some pain tests together before you experience freedom. After freedom what test is there other than you don’t need to stay together because you don’t need each other and if you still stay together the test is: it must be love.


July 25, 2009

Shouldn’t that be what we get for a trillion dollars. What would it look like? Why aren’t we getting better? Why are we still worrying about stupid shit that doesn’t matter? Why can’t we understand how to be happy yet? Why can’t we use drugs? Why isn’t it a perfect world? what does a perfect world look like? What does a perfect society look like? What are we moving towards? Why do we have people starving? Why do we pay a tax on land we own?

1 Trillion dollars =

333,333 Olive Garden, Red Lobster type resteraunts. 1 per every 861 people in US.

66,666,666 ford mustangs 1 per 4 people in us

833333333 nice big flat screen tv’s 3 per person in us so they could watch multiple channels or play video games on one and then movie on another plus tv.

Cover 300,000 acres in hydroponic tomatoes one acre per 86 people in us or 4645 lbs of tomatoes per year per person. Maybe that could be utopia.

Sexual Harrasment?

July 24, 2009

I am at work yesterday and one of the woman is going off on a complaining tangent to other woman after coming back from a stint at home. I notice she is off her usual self. She then starts talking about an 8 year old daughter who is sick can’t hear anymore can’t remember things. She looked away from the group emotional.

I walked over and gave her a big hug. Sometimes in life you have to throw some love when someones in pain. Everything can’t be about altercation or war. You can show love why the fuck not. We are people on this planet the least we can do is be nice sometimes. When I gave her the hug she said, “He understands”.

Then I walked out.