Risk The way I see Marriage

From roissies post above.

Just thinking on it. From lupos
”””””’Well, you know, I’m a big fan of the CAPM theory of the universe. I actually wrote a whole article on how married dudes fail to live an interesting life due to a lack of risk taking:””””””””””””””

The way you can adjust for fear of risk in marriage is having already financially taken care of your wife. Then you don’t have to worry bout her nor have an ability to use her as an excuse to avoid excitement (risk). You can say you want more than one woman to your wife to keep that excitement (risk) going. This also keeps her excitement risk going when you go with other chicks but always return. Her adrenaline is pumping that she has the complete love of her man. She is challenged to keep you. The final thing you need to do to not fear death either just like you did when you where single I have found is that you must believe that you and your wife will meet again in the after life. So you still get that royal treatment. So you don’t have to worry about shit like tackling lions because you know no matter what happens its gonna work out (your still gonna get that cuddle time) dead or alive. Nothing can stop me from enjoying my wife whether it is in this life or the next.


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