Shouldn’t that be what we get for a trillion dollars. What would it look like? Why aren’t we getting better? Why are we still worrying about stupid shit that doesn’t matter? Why can’t we understand how to be happy yet? Why can’t we use drugs? Why isn’t it a perfect world? what does a perfect world look like? What does a perfect society look like? What are we moving towards? Why do we have people starving? Why do we pay a tax on land we own?

1 Trillion dollars =

333,333 Olive Garden, Red Lobster type resteraunts. 1 per every 861 people in US.

66,666,666 ford mustangs 1 per 4 people in us

833333333 nice big flat screen tv’s 3 per person in us so they could watch multiple channels or play video games on one and then movie on another plus tv.

Cover 300,000 acres in hydroponic tomatoes one acre per 86 people in us or 4645 lbs of tomatoes per year per person. Maybe that could be utopia.


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