People Argue About Things…Well…But…

Often if you look at frame it doesn’t matter. For instance we can talk about gaming women all day long. Sure, whatever solutions we come up with in a perfect world with perfect conditions they will work. But in the USA the divorce laws will still be hanging over the whole process if you decide to get married to the chick.

Or things like guys improving their game: What doesn’t get talked about often is drug game. Drug game, the overlooked game, the pretty lie about why chicks are with certain types and not the others. Kind of hard to be straight and narrow and get drug chicks. Could be luck though because you don’t get a wanna be with a ho because she just wants snow long term. But it would probably still be nice if ya could get her to blow. Biggest problem with that though is what if a high percentage of chicks are drug chicks and that is the true problem.

As Ghost of Nicole interestingly put it at roissies:

“There’s a glass ceiling for good boys.”


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