Toss out a sensation to quell the look at global warming (retardation).

From Roissy’s

””””””’John S.
A map of the earth if we removed “only” 5% of the nations with the lowest GDP:”””””””

Holy Shit we got some conversation on the white cop black dude and they are trying to pass bill on global warming to reduce world gdp 5 percent. Which means at least 5 percent more layoffs right. Yea that shit was staged. Plus the health care thing which will further reduce gdp. If carbon dioxide is such a problem why can’t we plant more trees. Problem solved. What was the problem again?
Are people fucking this stupid?

on July 26, 2009 at 5:05 am gunslingergregi
Floating algee farms covering a thousand square miles again wtf are people talking about. Why can people not fucking think about a god dam thing.

Solve world hunger and fucking global (bitching) at the same time. Make fucking an empire state building tall structure 100 miles by 100 miles. fill that bitch with hydroponics power it off the fucking mohave dessert. How much CO2 is that removed again. All the special smart snowflakes who want something important to talk about because they ain’t getting pussy and don’t want it because they would rather contemplate reducing something that plants need to breath and we as human beings need to eat. So apparently whitey boy found another way to kill the global population that is pc instead of just killing em all bullet by bullet. Got to admit whitey is one smart motherfucker.

100 miles by 100 stories by 100 miles roughly 26 percent of landmass of us.

Irrigated Land in US Cia factbook.
214,000 sq km (1998 est.)

So yea lets times that irrigated land by ten and be able to feed world and be able to stop global warming and it will only cost around 5 percent of global gdp initially but then way less.

So yea that will also help employment for quite some time and guys will get to work a job they can be proud of and tell there kids and grandkids about participating in. Creating memories of resiliance and achievment for a new generation. Then build one just like it on the other side of the world. Spin balance the location using a computer model so in case people start saying the world is off balance.


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