World Population est 6.774 billion

The problem with this and with media is that with that many people to choose from there are a heck of a lot of outliers to showcase in the media as being all fucked up. When one bad thing happens it does not mean everything is going to shit.


2 Responses to “World Population est 6.774 billion”

  1. mandy been here a while Says:

    Very funny!

  2. gunslingergregi Says:

    Well it is the reason that you can actually find more than one person who is in “love” with camels and can write an article in paper on them but that doesn’t mean that it is normal human behavior or that we should start putting armed guards to guard camels so they don’t get molested he he he

    This is the reason that just because something happens does not mean that we should install a law that affects all 6.774 billion people just because 2 or 3 like to have sex with camels.

    Replace camel with goat lol same thing are we gonna lock up all the goats just because of some sick fucks.

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