Assisted legal suicide

Per the article apparently ok in Switzerland becoming more ok in england. I think good when the whole world condones it to the point where if people don’t want to be on this planet it is looked at as a choice rather than just staying because you have to. If most men are leading lives of quiet desperation then set them free I say from the dreery and the mundane. Course then the gov will start mandating who gets to stay to do some psychological warfare to make it a fear thing rather than a choice. The usual fare. Take the peoples choice and make it gov choice. So the gov will say people that have this disease will be let go or the not needed people. Those who perform the dreary and the mundane will still be needed. Hopefully they can make it a nice relaxing death for people and do them that favor. Instead of just denying care and letting them die. I’d like to see more going into the houses and pulling them out down to hospital under some false pretense like we are going to give you some blood tests and then just gas em.


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