By Request

ns30009samuraionhorse1[1]ns20001geishagirl1[1]Woman should be free. They are not being given the freedom to go with their primal instincts. They are given privelage to do whatever the fuck they want. They did not earn the freedom themsleves therefore they cannot understand it. They view having the full backing of armed police and being treated better than everyone else, the ability to kill their baby and if they choose to have it as a birthright. If you took away all the extra layers of laws that protect them they would actually be going with their primal intincts. They would actually be real woman not the fake approximation of “empowered” woman we have today. Yet not empowered through any power of their own but because a man employed by the gov will back them up. Woman already had the power of their pussy all through history. Now the balance has tilted completely out of control. So unless a man is willing to be a thug and not give a fuck about killing a bitch then he gets fucked over by the system.



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