The person who killed some people recently Hypothesis Solution

Yea ok this person killed some people which is wrong because he took away there right to choose whether or not they wanted to leave the planet. They may have wanted to continue their existance now we can’t ask them. A lot of shaming language is being used against the person who did the killing but at the same time no real solutions have been presented on what could have stopped it. Would counseling have helped?
Would pills have helped?

This person had to overcome a lot of cultural mores and norms in order to do this deed.

What we could do for people like this (rather than just trying to shame them) is to allow them to go in peace leaving this earthly body. We can make it morally acceptable to leave the body on this planet because you want to. We can compare it to abortion for unwanted pregnancies. Except this is an adults choice to abort themselves. They recieve the same type of help a person would recieve if they wanted to abort their “fetus”/”baby”. In order to do this we will label them “pre-corpse”/”human being”. Should help with keeping only people who want to be on the planet be on the planet. Then no one has to be shamed. Non one has to be in pain that they don’t want to be in.


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