Life and what divorce does for people with good future time orientation

I already know how to get rich my point of contention with life is if you had a choice is it better to just leave early and not go through the motions of getting rich. I mean it does take work. Then when you see guys create million dollar companies for their lifes work and get fucked up in a divorce. It makes it even less worth while to want to put in the effort to make the dollars and have a good chance of being fucked out of your work later on in life. Prime example 2 guys I knew in nyc one investment banker fucked in divorce one with million dollar jewelry company fucked in divorce had to split business in half and if you think about a business when ya split it in half doesn’t usually work out too well especially if ya have a 100k in lawyer fees to pay back. I mean really pathetic when a woman can fuck up a guys life who has made the right moves moneywise and she just wants to take advantage of that.


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