Life could be interesting I suppose.

Or you can be like me and save money so you have loot plus quasi live like that he he he

Because having a thousand acres of land is = freedom.

”””””””””””from roissy’s blog Uncle Gabby,
That’s pretty much the way my grandparents lived, and I think that is the way of life that is optimal for human dignity, but practically speaking it sucks major ass. That’s why it’s been largely abandoned. ”””””””””””

Me: Yea I think so to. I am trying little different tack on it though. I want that side for the humanity of it but also the modern features for well the moderness. he he he

Like your growing own food but you have a/c.
Your maybe making some mends on clothes but you can still buy your woman some hot dresses.

You travel from the flatlands where your rice fields are up into the mountains to live on the middle of a lake and monitor your fish farms. You travel to the ocean where your growing a seaweed farm and enjoy the calm of the surf and the wind. You take your sailboat out on the water to do some deep sea fishing and can catch enough ocean fish for 6 months of eating. You hand the boat back to the guy who watches it and takes other people out on it when your not using it and helps him have a livelihood. You can travel by plane to different destinations in the world with your woman and enjoy some different scenery but there is always your base the land the farms to go back to for your tranquility.

You have a jakuzi and a movie theatre with surround in your house in the middle of a village. You have all the amenities yet also the benefits. You lay out on the porch and listen to the sound of the kids running around. You can go and help people build there houses for the heck of it. You can make improvements on the school that is down the street. You can initiate the repair of the road leading into the village. Buy a few computers for the school and put up a basketball court so you can teach you son some hoops.

Life could be interesting I suppose.



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