Transient Power vs True Power

Yea woman with a 100k job the power is transitory. It takes the right man to mold their effort into true power that lasts for generations for them and their children. By taking the effort expent and making it into meaningfull effort and transcending the mundane and the fear to be truly free people.

Yea because it is career up until they want to have kids. Why you can adjust for this by getting career woman and making her build something lasting with that career so when it comes time she is raising kids she can do it as she sees fit without any repercussions. This is how you could show love for that career woman and how to be a man with them. Someone has to guide the money and work into something lasting or at the end of it all you are always still at square one.

Then when she “gives” up “career” for having kids and her hypergamy can be put to good use because you still have your “career” then good to go. She reverts to a real woman and you both get the benefit long term of her former “career”.

You can get hurt or whatever and not continue your career.
But a managed business where you pick up money can always be done. That is power.


3 Responses to “Transient Power vs True Power”

  1. mandy been here a while Says:

    1st paragraph is great. What happens to her fortune if all these powerful women don’t have kids?

  2. gunslingergregi Says:

    I don’t know give to charity. Woman usually no matter how “powerfull” want kids. If you notice the mega rich chicks they have kids as well normally. If no kids yea end up eaten by cats a lot of times and the money doesn’t matter does it?

  3. gunslingergregi Says:

    100k a year does not power make. If you are spening 150k a year with credit and you lose job and don’t make 100 anymore does it matter that you made 100? I mean it provides memories and may answer the question of better to have and have lost than to never have. The thing is that is transitory. If you invest in some real estate and pay it off and take payments little more permanent although that is being worked on to make it harder. Still better than relying on a job/career. Lets say you wanted to do reasearch work well if you don’t care about being paid for your time invested and all you need is expenses covered. You can beg for grants or you can create you own grants to provide you what you need. You can wish that someone allows you to do this research and finances it or you can create your own finance by saving some money and investing it.

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