On Body Language

I just got off phone with the wife.

I told her I was coming home in couple days.

Listened to pure happiness on phone.

Instant extra water in her mouth (when she gets hot yea starts flowing). So slurping in between shortness off breath, in between Happy, laughing, cheering, excitment.
My dick was like a rock about busted pants.

You know what didn’t happen. She didn’t ask me why I was coming home. She didn’t say what happened. She didn’t berate that I didn’t finish december like I had planned. She was just happy as fuck her man was coming home and her body was ready for me along with her mind. Beautiful really. Other bonus of foreign woman although yea could be all the time I put into my woman. Add the two together and it is dynomite.

Love can conquer all. It can heal the demon.


10 Responses to “On Body Language”

  1. Pupu Says:

    best regards to your lovely wife.

    mua mua hahaha

  2. gunslingergregi Says:

    Thank Pupu 🙂

  3. gunslingergregi Says:

    Wish me luck on manufacturing a baby I will be focusing on that issue with keen interest he he he

  4. Pupu Says:

    wish both of you tons of luck and fun manufacturing baby Gunnies!

    mua mua hahaha

  5. Pupu Says:

    The baby shower should be held at Ritz with bouquets of flowers and heart shape of rose petals on the bed 🙂

  6. Comment_Whatever Says:

    Just wondering how you are doing.

  7. Comment_Whatever Says:

    Well, are you doing okay?

    I think the market might go down after this little run up, and I’m curious what you think.(in the very not sure sense)

  8. Comment_Whatever Says:

    Meaning I’m not very sure.

  9. Gunslingergregi Says:

    Yea no shit right. I wanted to quite last year I guess would had done well wth that.
    Been in hospital for a few days will be going hom to trade hopefully market goes up. I think either way my little incrment trading should work.
    Will find out as I will be day or should I say minute trading hopefull. 10 dollar stock get 6 cents and out.

  10. Gunslingergregi Says:

    That cute pupu

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