The kiss wraparound

One hand on side of face one hand wrapped around top of head. Pure hotness.


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  1. Comment_Whatever Says:

    Glad to see your out of the hospital!

    I hope you enjoy taking a break for a while.

    Gallbladder stones seem treatable with diet changes. Since your diet’s already going to be different since you are home, maybe the problem will fade on it’s own. The more I read about the gallbladder, the more I think it’s important to digestion. Anyway, here is a little copy and paste from one of my posts:

    I’ve looked around on the internet, and there does seem to be general agreement that it is possible to dissolve gallstones without surgery. Even main-stream medicine agrees that this is possible.

    This site seemed interesting:

    Anyway, it is certainly possible to avoid surgery, especially with the cholesterol-based stones. What kind of gallstones do you have?

  2. Gunslingergregi Says:

    Interesting I am still in hospital at moment. HAe not had it removed yet. So yea will ask.

  3. Pupu Says:

    Out yet?

  4. Comment_Whatever Says:

    I should have done this earlier, and I am disappointed that I did not. I just found it though.

    Here is the “Standard Medical Treatment” for non-surgical reduction of gallbladder stones. The problem the doctors see with it is that you’ll have to pop a few pills every 3-4 years if you use it. That is so meaningless. Unless of course you feel the need to pay American Medical Monopoly Prices.
    Oral Dissolution Therapy. Oral dissolution therapy uses bile acids in pill form to dissolve gallstones and may be used in conjunction with lithotripsy [see Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy below]. The technique is generally safe but only moderately effective, since gallstones recur in the majority of patients. In addition, this therapy works only on cholesterol-based stones that are less than 1.5 cm in diameter and is less effective in obese patients.

    Ursodiol or ursodeoxycholic acid (Actigall) and chenodiol (Chenix) are the standard oral bile acid drugs used for dissolution. Most physicians prefer Actigall. Patients with small stones of high cholesterol contents are most likely to benefit from this treatment, although a recurrence rate of 10% per year for the first five years has been reported in patients on this therapy. The drug is considered to be one of the safest common drugs and does not seem to have significant side effects. Gallstones that are calcified or composed of bile pigments are not amenable to oral dissolution therapy. Only about 30% of patients are candidates for oral dissolution therapy, and the number may be much lower if obesity and noncompliance with therapeutic regimens are taken into account. Ursodiol is very expensive; the treatment can take up to two years and can cost thousands of dollars per year.

    The crazy prices are only if you live in America.

  5. Comment_Whatever Says:

    WordPress won’t let me POST links to cheap identical drugs from Canada. So you will have to search online. They are much cheaper though.

    All I had to do was search Actigall on google.

  6. Comment_Whatever Says:

    You said this at Roissy’s:
    Gunslinger wrote:

    I was eating egg out of the chicks plate from my table while she was sitting behind us.

    Gunslinger, you do know that eggs are the single food most likely to trigger a gall-bladder attack ?

    The good doctors did give you a list of foods to avoid/eat in small amounts while waiting for your surgery to prevent another attack, right?

    Diagnose-Me doesn’t even list any other food, but has this to say about eggs:

    Egg consumption is a very frequent cause of gallbladder symptoms. It is uncertain whether the white of the egg is partially or totally responsible for this allergic reaction. Most studies have eliminated the entire egg when addressing this problem.

    For both raw and cooked eggs.

  7. Comment_Whatever Says: says this:

    To prevent gall bladder attacks, eat a low fat diet. A diet that is low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and limits overall fat intake to about 20% of calories is ideal. This approach will not cure gallstones, but it can help prevent recurrent attacks and reduce the chances of new gallstones forming.

    Eggs have pretty much more cholesterol per gram than almost anything else.

  8. Comment_Whatever Says:

    And an alternative medicine site said this:

    The most common allergenic foods were found to be eggs (92.8%), pork (63.8%), onions (52.2%), chicken and turkey (34.8%), milk (24.6%), coffee (21.7% ), and oranges (18.8%). Corn, beans, nuts, apples, tomatoes, peas, cabbage, spices, peanuts, fish, and rye accounted for between 1 to 14.5% of gallbladder attacks. 14 of the 69 study participants (over 20 percent) also had gallbladder attacks caused by medications.

    So, to avoid attacks before your problem is resolved, you need to avoid certain foods and also avoid over-eating fats in general. However, removing all fats from your diet, even for a day, is likely to result in problems. The gall-bladder will completely fill-up with bile. When it finally empties, it will empty aggressively. This can potentially trigger an attack. The gall-bladder needs to be emptied regularly, in a ‘easy’ not-so-much fat manner.

    Also, you can lower the intestines ‘demand’ for bile salt from the gall-bladder by eating bile salt. Specifically the chemical ursodeoxycholic acid. It is an animal bile salt found in many animals and also in people. You could, if you want, pay 300 dollars for 100 500 mg pills of ‘Actigall'(ursodeoxycholic acid). On the other hand, you could spend around 15 dollars for 100 500 mg pills of Ox Bile(a lower purity source of ursodeoxycholic acid). You do probably need to take 2 pills of Ox Bile to have the same effect as one pill of Actigall…. so it’s not like Actigall is THAT overpriced. Heh.

    The Actigall(Ox-Bile) is also used to dissolve gallstones, so it may even help improve the problem on it’s own while helping to prevent another attack.

  9. Comment_Whatever Says:

    Gunslinger, I’ve found more information, and I’m not nearly as happy about the gallbladder removal surgical solution as I was. And I never was that cheerful. It can go bad. Messily bad. There are better surgical solutions(and non-surgical) if you don’t care about ‘re-occurrence’ of gallstones. Not re-occurrence of gallstone attacks, just gallstones, requiring another smack-down. I’d like to talk to you more about it. You can email me at

    Sorry for spamming, but more than one link per post leads to moderation.

  10. Gunslingregi Says:

    Dam man lot of info. Thanks Bro

  11. aoefe Says:

    Hey you!

    I love the pic at the top of the blog. Very sexy and sweet at the same time. I am going to add you to my blog roll dude. Hope you’re settling in.

  12. gunslingergregi Says:

    Thanks Aoefe,
    Now all ya got to do is answer emails. he he he

  13. aoefe Says:

    Gunny – not getting ANY emails from you.

  14. gunslingergregi Says:

    Email me with your current email then and quit trying to play me he he he

  15. the relationship of nutrition and dental health Says:

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  17. Evita Poovey Says:

    The kiss wraparound | Gunslingergregi can you will yourself to God

    just watched louis theroux get liposuction and now i want liposuction

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