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Why Worry about the future

September 29, 2009

Saw this on lupos site brought it back. Cool song and really just have skills for basic needs and no worries. Got food check. Got your kid on the bike that runs the electricity he he he

Course if you have country and city skills unstoppable. Grow your food in country. Make your money in city. You can always drive in to have a little fun. Maybe that is secret either get a country girl that moved to the city or just a country girl. Got a country girl now working well.

Update note: May not want to listen to this song 10 times in row like I did and then continue to live life. Ended well but not well at same time. Oh well added another learning experience to life that most don’t see.


Drunk Spiders

September 29, 2009

Sister showed me this it is some funny shit. Spiders are nuts.

Don’t believe everything you read in a book

September 26, 2009

I have been gone for a while and my little sister has been using my truck. I go under it to check it out and the ball joint rubber on all 4 of them is all torn up. I am like ok let me take it to dealer check it. The dealership is like ok the upper and lower ball joints on front end gonna cost 600 for parts and 1000 for parts and putting them on. Then it would also need alignment. I am like riggghttt and youuu aree and this is in regards toooo. Yea shit 10 percent of cost of my truck new. Anyway I leave and get the hell away from the money black hole when they tell me I should have a mechanic check it out and that would cost 32 dollars. I go to another automotive place and they put it up on lift. They let me in bay and the dude says there is lot of play in right front but not so much in left front and shows me with a crow bar. He goes to price it and comes up with 493 for one side. So yea both sides would run 976. He also tells me the rear shocks are not leaking but they could use replacement as he hung off the rear bumper and made it bounce. He said the rear shocks where gonna run 376. So total cost 1352 plus alighnment 1392.
I go home and call around to couple parts stores and ended up getting 4 ball ball joints 2 upper two lower for 99.46 dollars. Then the shocks where 20 dollars each so two rear shocks looking at 40 bucks. Alignment is 40 bucks. So total cost 179.46 for balljoints and shocks for parts. So yea a 775 percent discount by having the ability to change out some shit.
So of course my dad volunteers to help which was nice lol But yea we got the book already and are looking up the job it says to take out gear on the hub so we take off the caps to get to hub gear which are a pain in the ass somewhat just blindly listening and then its like fuck we didn’t have to take those off when looking later. I take off the nut on the upper ball joint and then take off the nut on lower. I take off the steering arm not to bad. Then the upper is stuck. So I smash a screwdriver in the gap where the ball joint fits into the hub and it finally drops as it got opened up. The book also says you have to remove the rotor. NO don’t have to do that either. So yea we just had the gear caps removed and stopped blindly following the stupid book. Anyway took the whole assembly out and then had a nice space to work in to get the ball joints out of the arms. Remember right tool for right job. Very important shit. We had already put the ball joint press on order to get it into a parts stor but when I called they didn’t have it yet. So am like ok called a couple places and found someone that had it. What ya do is you buy the tool which was 99 dollars and then you can take it back. Which is how they run it and get all your money back. So not a bad deal just a way for them to let you borrow it and not care if you don’t bring it back. If you bring it back you borrow it for free. Anyway the press works great and with the last heaveho on the pipe on the crescent wrench the top bjoint loudly pops and it is out. Pop the lower and in business. Reverse proces and press upper and lower new ball joints back in and ready to put the hub assembly back on. Yea ok I may need to start working out that shit was heavy while trying to line it up with the bolts. I am like dad get the nut on for the love of god he he he
Then it is like ok lets put upper in and yea we need like 3 inches of movement in upper arm. Fuck. So yea dad goes and grabs a pipewrench. I pull on the arm and line it up somewhat so its almost touching the ball joint. And then he comes back and pulls on the arm with the pipewrench and pipe and we get the joint in and the bolt slide back through from the side. Put snaprings on the upper and lower and tighten down upper and lower and then put steering arm back on. Reattach brake caliper and toss tire back on. Bang on the geared hub cap. Got the other to do tomorrow but didn’t want to work in the night so stopped.
So yea had a little fun anyway will end up saving 1212.54.
Knowledge is power.

Only bad thing wife wasn’t there to witness. She would have been like again you really do understand everything. I like to impress her. Plus I would have had drinks magically appear in my hand. Although sis came through with some sandwitches so was cool. The wife would have handfed me so that is how a woman can make a man really miss her. So yea I ended up eating a little oil and grease with my sandwitch. Oil doesn’t taste so bad fresh but old nasty oil ain’t quite as good he he he

Update: finished up other side today took about 3 half hours to change right side and put it all back together and clean up tools. Not a bad deal. Really shit funny as fuck under 100 for parts. Life ironic hell yea.

Dang ok new plan open freaking a garage out in country on 2 acres land cost 5k lol
Hire some mechanics make millions or maybe even thousands.

House Shopping

September 24, 2009

So I am house shopping and it is almost the same price as the big screen I bought. Saw one for 4500 dollars and it is out in a nice quiet area where neighbors are 100 yards away. There are trees all around and it even has its own fire pit like maybe 10 feet diametor so maybe bonfire pit somewhat. Saw some others for 10k. So yea I may have to redefine what it means to get some real estate I was thinking 25 per property but I am looking at maybe averaging 9k lol Just need to get out and check some auctions probably pick up one for 4k and rent it for 450 to 550 per month. Been wanting to fuck with some carpentry anyway might be fun to fix one or ten up real quick get some practice to build my resteraunt he he he

Descisions though I mean I walked in a hair salon and they wanted 18 bucks for a regular haircut for a guy so shit I could open a salon and prob make loot. Life what ya gonna do too much shit to make loot with. Just hopefully don’t catch the gay. I may leave the salon running to the wife.


September 19, 2009

So it turns out my family (parents,Sister) have cats. Well I keep hearing how independant they are and all this stuff. Well I am not seeing it. I guess another irony. There are like 5 somewhat kittens running around and the adult cat. They all fight for my attention. I don’t give them any. They fight harder lol
Guess like life in a lot of instances. When you don’t care about them they care about you more. So the cat sits and stares at me. The little ones climb on the table to get me to pet them and this has been going on for a couple of weeks now. They are begging for my attention and I give none. The adult sits on my chair when I leave I have my sister remove it lol It is some wild stuff. Guess animals are not immune from game.

I miss my Wife

September 10, 2009

My balls are drained
Its not the same
as the sweet touch
of the woman you love
the woman you have been with
to hell and back again
physically by your side
with caressess
to heal your inside
the touch to calm
your pained soul
and body and mind
the connection that is hard as fuck
to find
a woman with who you can bind with
soul body and mind

Part of my destiny happened anyway

September 10, 2009

Yea so monday night looking forward to busting the stock market and yea the pain begins. Off to the races. Pain like a solid wave of it. Like a permanant massive cramp that keeps going and going like the energizer bunny in your stomach. This time it would not stop. I am like fuck this. (still no tear) anyway yea I am swearing up a storm though like what the fuck is inside my fucking stomach jesus christ. Yea that sort of thing like maybe I could scare away the pain. Like wtf is wrong with you pain didn’t your momma have any kids that lived. Yea anyway this is funny part. I am like ok lets go get a shot to take care of this. I get to hospital at 0530 in morning and say I already know I have gallstones which is why I am in massive pain. Except by this time I am doing some fightclub type go to your cave shit and doing the compartmentalize shit in the head crap. Anyway they are like asking me all the info my little sister is answering some. This takes like forever then they send me over to another fucking nurse to do vitals. I am like getting slightly irritated and like ok can I just get a shot for the pain? The nurse is like we have to go through the process. I am like I might as well just go home by the time this is done pain will be over. The pain usually has only lasted like 6 or 7 hours. So already like 4 had gone by. So anyway they convince me to stay or whatever and she takes blood pressure and the temp and crap like that. Now I am waiting to see doctor ok waiting, waiting. Yea doc comes in and he is like what is problem I am like I have gallstones I was told so in dubai I am in massive pain and would like you to give me a pain shot. He is like umm we got to do tests bla bla bla. I am like dude I know what I have I want to get it taken out in another place because the hospital near my house is known to be fucked up. I just want a pain shot. He is like ok I’ll give you the shot and then give you a referral for someone to take it out. I am like ok cool fantastic. Then he leaves. I am waiting and waiting and waiting. Anyway I go out to the nurse station and ask what is up with my shot. Oh yea back up. They had me give a urine sample. Forward I am at the nurse station and say where is my shot. She is like we have to wait for the results of the urine sample. I am like are you kidding me. The doctor said he was gonna give me some help for the pain. THe nurse is like we have to follow procedure. I am like thinking you have got to be kidding me. Anyway I go back to room and begin a nice little curse stream going because I am pissed the fuck off and in massive fucking pain. Then 2 security guards come in talking about you can’t be dropping the f bomb. I am like dude the doctor said he was gonna give me a shot and now the nurse said it is gonna be at least 40 minutes to get the urine test back. They are like they have to follow procedure. I am like I go patriotic for this fucking country and go to its fucking war and I come back and I got to wait like this shit. The only reason they have that procedure is because maybe a junkie will ask for pain shot. I am like if a junkie gets a pain shot because he asks for it does that hurt anyone. I said that rule is retarded. They are like yea junkies ruined it for everyone. I am like no having no freedom is ruining it for everyone. They agreed on the lack of freedom to smoke was bullshit. But really letting someone sit in pain for two hours because some junkie might get a free shot big fucking whoop. At 730 I got the shot 2 hours after getting there. Then they hustles me out the door. Anyway the shot didn’t do shit. It made the pain worse. It took away my ability to try and contain the pain in any way with my mind. So now I am fucking there without any mind control just massive fucking pain. My sister calls them and is like what did you give me brother. They said they gave me the strongest thing they got. Anyway by 0830 I am like still in massive pain. (still no tear) I let the anger side of the force flow though. So yea they fucking drove me to a hospital about an hour away where my sister got her gallbladder out and by the time I got there the pain had finnaly started to subside and I was fucking out of it. They take me in emergency I stay there the night so yea destiny predicted just a different path than I thought was gonna happen. Today got the fucking thing out of me and now sitting at home afterwards. Hurts like a small bitch right now. After experiencing real pain though and knowing what that feels like now so bad to deal with lol. The doctor was like I can’t believe you went through what you went through. I guess my gall bladder was all kinds of fucked up and filled with puss. The doctor told me dad I must have been in some serious pain. She told me that anyone going through what I did over last few months would not be mentally sound and that I should see someone to talk about it. I guess I am superman. Fuck.

Less than 24 hours

September 7, 2009

Beat the first level
Move to next


September 6, 2009

So yea I told my wife I was coming home. The shit didn’t work like that though. I was sent to cash military hospital. Then on to Dubai. My older Sister flew in from london to look over me in Dubai for like 8 days 🙂 was cool having the big sis helping make sure they didn’t fuck me up and working on my behalf when I was not in a state to work on my own. I was escorted on way into states and am still taking care of paperwork. Not with wife (: but inshalla will one day be connected again. I found out my little sister is quite the cook. Had some garlic steaks that melted in the mouth. Told her if she wasn’t my sister might have to make her a wife he he he
So getting decently hooked up so far. Immediate family has been there for me at my time of need. Too bad wife can’t get visa to visit or this would be really relaxing. I start my destiny of the 26 on tuesday. Hopefully get this thing taken out of me sometime next week as well.