So yea I told my wife I was coming home. The shit didn’t work like that though. I was sent to cash military hospital. Then on to Dubai. My older Sister flew in from london to look over me in Dubai for like 8 days 🙂 was cool having the big sis helping make sure they didn’t fuck me up and working on my behalf when I was not in a state to work on my own. I was escorted on way into states and am still taking care of paperwork. Not with wife (: but inshalla will one day be connected again. I found out my little sister is quite the cook. Had some garlic steaks that melted in the mouth. Told her if she wasn’t my sister might have to make her a wife he he he
So getting decently hooked up so far. Immediate family has been there for me at my time of need. Too bad wife can’t get visa to visit or this would be really relaxing. I start my destiny of the 26 on tuesday. Hopefully get this thing taken out of me sometime next week as well.


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