So it turns out my family (parents,Sister) have cats. Well I keep hearing how independant they are and all this stuff. Well I am not seeing it. I guess another irony. There are like 5 somewhat kittens running around and the adult cat. They all fight for my attention. I don’t give them any. They fight harder lol
Guess like life in a lot of instances. When you don’t care about them they care about you more. So the cat sits and stares at me. The little ones climb on the table to get me to pet them and this has been going on for a couple of weeks now. They are begging for my attention and I give none. The adult sits on my chair when I leave I have my sister remove it lol It is some wild stuff. Guess animals are not immune from game.


4 Responses to “Cats”

  1. Pupu Says:

    Keep you cell number away from them, otherwise you’ll be broken!

  2. Pupu Says:

    sorry, broke

  3. Gunslingergregi Says:

    lol pupu yea they breakin me down next thing ya know I will love cats little bastards. They start to grow on ya.

  4. Riff Dog Says:

    Ha! There’s probably a lot of truth to that conclusion.

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