House Shopping

So I am house shopping and it is almost the same price as the big screen I bought. Saw one for 4500 dollars and it is out in a nice quiet area where neighbors are 100 yards away. There are trees all around and it even has its own fire pit like maybe 10 feet diametor so maybe bonfire pit somewhat. Saw some others for 10k. So yea I may have to redefine what it means to get some real estate I was thinking 25 per property but I am looking at maybe averaging 9k lol Just need to get out and check some auctions probably pick up one for 4k and rent it for 450 to 550 per month. Been wanting to fuck with some carpentry anyway might be fun to fix one or ten up real quick get some practice to build my resteraunt he he he

Descisions though I mean I walked in a hair salon and they wanted 18 bucks for a regular haircut for a guy so shit I could open a salon and prob make loot. Life what ya gonna do too much shit to make loot with. Just hopefully don’t catch the gay. I may leave the salon running to the wife.


One Response to “House Shopping”

  1. Brian Says:

    Those prices are low. What area are you in?

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