Don’t believe everything you read in a book

I have been gone for a while and my little sister has been using my truck. I go under it to check it out and the ball joint rubber on all 4 of them is all torn up. I am like ok let me take it to dealer check it. The dealership is like ok the upper and lower ball joints on front end gonna cost 600 for parts and 1000 for parts and putting them on. Then it would also need alignment. I am like riggghttt and youuu aree and this is in regards toooo. Yea shit 10 percent of cost of my truck new. Anyway I leave and get the hell away from the money black hole when they tell me I should have a mechanic check it out and that would cost 32 dollars. I go to another automotive place and they put it up on lift. They let me in bay and the dude says there is lot of play in right front but not so much in left front and shows me with a crow bar. He goes to price it and comes up with 493 for one side. So yea both sides would run 976. He also tells me the rear shocks are not leaking but they could use replacement as he hung off the rear bumper and made it bounce. He said the rear shocks where gonna run 376. So total cost 1352 plus alighnment 1392.
I go home and call around to couple parts stores and ended up getting 4 ball ball joints 2 upper two lower for 99.46 dollars. Then the shocks where 20 dollars each so two rear shocks looking at 40 bucks. Alignment is 40 bucks. So total cost 179.46 for balljoints and shocks for parts. So yea a 775 percent discount by having the ability to change out some shit.
So of course my dad volunteers to help which was nice lol But yea we got the book already and are looking up the job it says to take out gear on the hub so we take off the caps to get to hub gear which are a pain in the ass somewhat just blindly listening and then its like fuck we didn’t have to take those off when looking later. I take off the nut on the upper ball joint and then take off the nut on lower. I take off the steering arm not to bad. Then the upper is stuck. So I smash a screwdriver in the gap where the ball joint fits into the hub and it finally drops as it got opened up. The book also says you have to remove the rotor. NO don’t have to do that either. So yea we just had the gear caps removed and stopped blindly following the stupid book. Anyway took the whole assembly out and then had a nice space to work in to get the ball joints out of the arms. Remember right tool for right job. Very important shit. We had already put the ball joint press on order to get it into a parts stor but when I called they didn’t have it yet. So am like ok called a couple places and found someone that had it. What ya do is you buy the tool which was 99 dollars and then you can take it back. Which is how they run it and get all your money back. So not a bad deal just a way for them to let you borrow it and not care if you don’t bring it back. If you bring it back you borrow it for free. Anyway the press works great and with the last heaveho on the pipe on the crescent wrench the top bjoint loudly pops and it is out. Pop the lower and in business. Reverse proces and press upper and lower new ball joints back in and ready to put the hub assembly back on. Yea ok I may need to start working out that shit was heavy while trying to line it up with the bolts. I am like dad get the nut on for the love of god he he he
Then it is like ok lets put upper in and yea we need like 3 inches of movement in upper arm. Fuck. So yea dad goes and grabs a pipewrench. I pull on the arm and line it up somewhat so its almost touching the ball joint. And then he comes back and pulls on the arm with the pipewrench and pipe and we get the joint in and the bolt slide back through from the side. Put snaprings on the upper and lower and tighten down upper and lower and then put steering arm back on. Reattach brake caliper and toss tire back on. Bang on the geared hub cap. Got the other to do tomorrow but didn’t want to work in the night so stopped.
So yea had a little fun anyway will end up saving 1212.54.
Knowledge is power.

Only bad thing wife wasn’t there to witness. She would have been like again you really do understand everything. I like to impress her. Plus I would have had drinks magically appear in my hand. Although sis came through with some sandwitches so was cool. The wife would have handfed me so that is how a woman can make a man really miss her. So yea I ended up eating a little oil and grease with my sandwitch. Oil doesn’t taste so bad fresh but old nasty oil ain’t quite as good he he he

Update: finished up other side today took about 3 half hours to change right side and put it all back together and clean up tools. Not a bad deal. Really shit funny as fuck under 100 for parts. Life ironic hell yea.

Dang ok new plan open freaking a garage out in country on 2 acres land cost 5k lol
Hire some mechanics make millions or maybe even thousands.


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