A show mad men

Well I kept hearing people make reference to draper from mad men and finally saw one show. The dude gets told in the show by some other guy boss type that the boss type knows how to make draper smile. The check was for 5k though lol and later on it goes to show how he has won all these awards and such for advertising and such. I just felt bad for the guy that he had to sneak with some chick off in her apartment to have sex. That is on him for not manning up and getting what he wants out of life. At the same time if he needs other things like another woman he should have the balls to tell his wife about that shit. Not have her sneaking into his locked desk drawer. His fault for choosing wrong woman. I don’t know he does have the low word count down. As far as being in control of his shit. Not feeling living like a scared bitch.


5 Responses to “A show mad men”

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  2. msexceptiontotherule Says:

    You didn’t see this week’s episode then, which involves Mr. Draper making a call to his woman on the side from his office after coming home to his wife the night before and her lying in wait for him to come in so she could carry out her ambush strategy. Evidently she decided that he would be allowed inside the house and retain his side of the bed after he disclosed all of the information she demanded from him, which I guess I can say “Way to go Betty” for her part in the ambush-demand-success aspects. But I don’t think a wife should ever have to ambush her husband for information, nor should she be prying open things that she doesn’t have a key to open because the key is enough to display that the contents do not belong to her and should not be otherwise forced into becoming accessible because they were intended to be private by their spouse in general.

  3. gunslingergregi Says:

    How did he react in show to her finding out?

  4. msexceptiontotherule Says:

    he went to the kitchen and fumbled for a minute before she came in and told him to sit down and she’d pour him a drink since that was obviously what he’d been fumbling with doing. After he had two or so, he began answering all of her questions and didn’t bother to put up a fight after he tried to ask her something and she said he didn’t get to ask questions “this time”. All she really asked about was the circumstances under which he had changed his name to Don Draper after he’d been Dick Whitman all his life up til then, and who the woman he’d bought a house for in California was and what his involvement with her had been. Of course the woman was married to the actual Don Draper and he had taken the name because it was easier than trying to correct a mistake that listed him as Don Draper in the hospital after injured in combat in Korea and gave his former name to the man whose name he took who had been killed in the same incident he received his injury from. There are a few other things, like the one secretary who left the agency because she’d gotten married breaking a vase on her husband’s head because he said she couldn’t know what it’s like to want something in life so bad and come so close without getting it after coming home from an interview and going over the same crap he’s been whining about with his career situation for the last 4 episodes he’s had a scene with him in it now. So he fucked up at being a surgeon, maybe he should have focused more on preparing himself for the examinations that eliminated him from going into surgery for his residency – I’m not sure how he could have managed to finish med school with how big of an idiot he’s turned out to present himself as. Oh well, things learned.

  5. gunslingergregi Says:

    So they built him up to be superman only to be turned into baby by lies. There should be a lesson to learn here somewhere.

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