Jarred loose from thursdays post:

Gunslingergregi said…
Not agreeing with your hypothesis. We just think we are so advanced. All it ever comes down to to beat life and live it on your own terms is money. I have learned from my elders a lot actually just not in the us. My mother in law is awesome though in her actions. I mean she gets up and cooks for the whole family. She shows that elders used to be physically active in the lives of the extended family. We have kind of lost that with all the moving around and family stretched out over greater distances. What is life? A group of experiences. There are only so many things you can do on planet. It is your elders that can show you how to have a life well lived or whose knowledge can be built upon. Buying shit that makes money never gets old or outdated. There is no bla bla technological change that is so great that we have gone through. Your elders can show you how not to rely on anyone but yourself for your families wellbeing. This is what has been lost in losing touch with our elders in us. People worry about the grocery store not providing food in an emergency rather than just having a couple tons of rice sitting in the kitchen and being able to live indefinetly even if the “system” broke down.

2:17 PM


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