Not Cornered

Well this worked 2 days ago. Now she already knows we are not steady relationship and that I am married and that it has no future.

Her looking through phone.
Me: what are you doing going through my shit
Her: looking for number of so and so to call them back
Me allright
Her who is (insert female name)
Me don’t ask stupid questions
Her: huffs off to take shower

Not brought up again.


One Response to “Not Cornered”

  1. msexceptiontotherule Says:

    If I were a man, I hope that I’d have all the bitches handled the way you seem to 😉

    next time you catch her trying to look at your shit, put her arm into a submission hold (so she releases the item and cannot move her arm until you let go if she doesn’t want it broken) and then tell her:
    “Don’t touch my personal shit again. This is your last warning, next time I take my dick with me and you never get to see it again.”

    …if past lives are real, I must have been a very very bad man, for which I am being punished by having all of the aggression and plans to become a dictator of a small country (or a big one if the current government just so happens to not be paying close enough attention sometime…) yet a female form that’s only 5’1 112lbs. I can still kick ass though. I just had to realize there are certain ways I can do it and others I cannot. At least not safely. 😉

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