Never thought I would see the day I would be calling rampage jackson a pussy but I am watching ultimate fighter and he keeps calling some dude titties and the dude offered to fight and rampage didn’t. Now goddang it if that ain’t a pussy. How you gonna call someone names and then back off when they say lets fight then. I’ll tell ya, when your a pussy. Then after he didn’t fight the dude. He was still calling him titties and letting others hold the dude back on the show. Then talking about how the dude better not walk up to him again or the dude would be in trouble. Then still talking shit after someone points that shit out. Dissapointing shit.

Yea if rampage wanted me to back up the pussy comment I would step in the ring just to show the difference between a man and a pussy.

pss did I call this shit. The dude jackson was calling titties beat the shit out of jacksons contender and then choked the dude till he basically passed the fuck out. Thats what I am talking about.

psss naa fuck that jackson needs removed as coach. This dude is just a fucking idiot. His guy loses and he still making fun of dude wtf


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