What to do when there is nothing you have to do

Why not become a legend?


Leaning towards beating the world record on bench. I have done 85 lbs before for 50 per set.
Then got to 135 could do 50.
I did 185 for 50 like it was easy.
I think I could do 1100 lbs to beat world record with maybe a year or 2 of training while doing a 50 set per smokebreak.
Become an animal.
Sounds cool.
Plus some bragging rights.
Saw this through lupos site


Post fucking owns.
Yea kind of inspirational.

“Harden the fuck up”
Yea good shit.

Plus used to curl 165 for 8 reps.
Mua Mua hahahahahaha

I hypothesize though that doing reps of 50 for every excercise you do will actually make you a lot stronger and able to whip the ass of guys who do the 5,2,8 or 10 rep programs.

Like the ability to put the same power into 50 punches that the other guy through lifting reps of 10 is only able to put into 10 punches. So just have to live through ten punches. Try living through 50 though he he he

Lets say I do 50 reps curl at 50 pounds. Once I do that how many times will I be able to curl properly 165.

Talking controlling the weight too not the wight controlling you or bouncing to get it up. Talking perfect form reps one, two, three, to fifty.

Think will help with wrist problems as well rather than destroying the body too much.

For instance when I was doing the 165 curls on straight bench bar. My wrists did feel fucked up which caused me to stop basically.

When I did 50 reps on bench though never had a problem at all.


3 Responses to “What to do when there is nothing you have to do”

  1. tenkev Says:

    Doing 50 reps will not make you stronger. More endurance, yes. More strength, no.

  2. gunslingergregi Says:

    It does make you stronger though. I already proved that with the 85 lbs at 50 reps. Then being able to bust out 135 for 33 originally. I lost a bet is how I came up with original hypothesis when all the guys who lifted (which I didn’t at the time) couldn’t lift 135 32 times. I thought I could but yea got like 24 without any lifting. Now when I did the 85 lbs I was able to do 135 50 times and then bumped all the way up to 185 like 50 times when I had a new manager come in to visit and was showing off lol but yea it raised strength. I think it is possible that I could raise the weight to 1000 but will find out. I think incrementally raising weight will do it. I mean when ya do like 50 push ups then ya can do a 100 it is same principle. Like when you could do a 100 you could probably easily put more weight on your back and do 50 right.

  3. gunslingergregi Says:

    I was probably doing 6 or so sets a day. I had the bench set up outside the office door so it was easy to just walk out bust out 50 and go back to work.

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