Man another christmas and not at my true home. I am actually bored for like the first time in my life and just want to be with my wife cuddling at this point. Dang it is hard on a guy when you get kidnapped by your company and sent to hell usa. Then stay to work some issues when I should have just got right on a plane and left when the one taking me here touched down. Some lessons I guess have to be learned through error I suppose. Hopefully finished with most of the dumb ones.

Pretty bad when I don’t even want to fuck right now. Just want to go home and make some love he he he


8 Responses to “Christmas”

  1. brightstormyday Says:

    “I am actually bored for like the first time in my life and just want to be with my wife cuddling at this point.”

    Awww, gunner, you’re so sweet.

  2. msexceptiontotherule Says:

    That was an extremely long comment and it made me want to go out and like…rescue some puppies from a 9inch drainage pipe, or save a polar bear….

    so that it didn’t have a bunch of bullet holes in it that would mess up my rug plans.

  3. msexceptiontotherule Says:


    It’s been weeks, you should at least add one new post, so that we know what you’re up to. Besides hanging out with one of your many women 😉

  4. gunslingergregi Says:

    I have pretty much been chilling out. I guess I did kind of go buck wild when I got back to states. I am kind of monogamous at most times I suppose. Haven’t really been going out by myself but yea there have been offers by the chick I am withs friends. Like my husband is leaving soon and I am going to be sooo lonely all by myself lol

    Woman do seem to be drawn to me. I don’t know what it is lol
    This chick comes up in front of the chick I am with while playing cards and is leaning on me. Chick I am with is like hey that is my man or whatever and the chick walks away. Then comes back and does the same shit lol Like I was a magnet and she had no self control.
    I just thought it was funny.

    People like how did them titties feel. lol

    Everyone was laughing because it was like surreal. Some wierd shit.

    Really though just chilling till I leave and conserve resources until I get home so I end up with my projected amount.

  5. msexceptiontotherule Says:

    They’re drawn by the knowledge that you’re married, and that your wife is currently somewhere else.

    I, on the other hand, like you for your conversation skills. And the fact that you ‘talk’ to me. 😉

  6. gunslingergregi Says:

    Is it wrong that I thought the hollywood cartoon character was sexy. uhh yea.

    So I talk to your inner soul cool he he he

  7. msexceptiontotherule Says:

    Yes, as a matter of fact you do 😛

  8. gunslingergregi Says:

    Well then I wreckin it is good we met each other then.

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