Spades and odds of winning and what is luck

I have been playing quit a few games of spades with my partner over the last few months and have lost three games. It has gotten to the point where people will put on their coat and walk out he he he

My partner and I are also split up because people basically see an imposibility of winning lol

But yea what the heck is that. People say it is how the cards fall but how can the cards fall in my favor about 97 times out of a hundred at least.

I was in bosnia for months before and only lost around three games as well. My partner and I became legends.

How is it that I can defy the odds on a cardgame and I don’t cheat.

In high school I actually made my lunch money senior year when I switched to public school and we had the requisite 15 minutes of teacher led class and 30 minutes of time to play a game called tonk which is basically 5 card rummy.

The spades not for money just “friendly” games except when people cry he he he


3 Responses to “Spades and odds of winning and what is luck”

  1. msexceptiontotherule Says:

    If they cry you should call them losers. 😉

  2. gunslingergregi Says:

    I tend to let them know they will lose before the game is played. I am a pretty good shit talker he he he

    But do tend to keep it fun.

  3. ash Says:

    It’s the same exact concept as “Good Will” in Business.

    And you know well who rules that. If who is even the appropriate pronoun.

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