Cable TV ads

Excerpt from article.

”””””””””’Many media experts are recommending cable TV advertising to their clients. “Prime time spots on broadcast TV cost $2,000 to $3,000 in this area. Prime time cable spots go for $175,” says Leslie Speidel, a media buyer in Raleigh, North Carolina (

Commercials on cable systems in the suburbs outside New York City are cheaper. Your 30 second spots run on CNN and ESPN for $25. Nick goes for $20 and TNN, BET, and VH-1 are $15 per commercial. Expect to get better rates when you buy packages of multiple spots.

Small town cable prices are even lower. It is not unusual to buy commercials for $2 to $3 in a town of 40,000 people. ”””””””””””””””

I was looking up some ad prices to maybe help someone raise money and this article blew my mind. This is nuts. So to have you own add on cable you could be paying like 2 dollars for a commercial. No wonder I have been seeing the sad animal over and over and over and over. They aren’t paying shit for doing it and they say for only 33 cents a day you can save an animal. Well for only 2 dollars a day they can then show the add daily to make even more money. Got to be some opportunity in this for someone in that frame of mind. Have your very own infomercial on the cheap. Wow.

I should have been selling the proprietary (gunslingergregi) way of life for only 19.95.


3 Responses to “Cable TV ads”

  1. msexceptiontotherule Says:

    Hmmmm….that would be perfect for a “for only a couple thousand dollars for the whole evening, you can save these sluts!” ad, & I’ve been thinking of starting a charity everyone thinks they’re donating money to help keep young women from going down the wrong path in life…when really it’s going to be a seriously expensive escort service which I will keep the majority of the money as my compensation for being the “Board President” of the charity. 😉

  2. gunslingergregi Says:

    Yea that might be worthwhile. I just saw some celebrity rehab show and they had the chick that was 42 years old and talking about how she really would like to have a man right now and how lonely she is and how that is what is making her do drugs. What was her name heidi fleis the chick that ran the prostitute service for the celebrities. Yea she said she had 4 abortions and somehow she put that in a good light. At the same time she talked about how she lived in a horrible place alone and her only companionship was parrots and she never had kids. She looked horrible but thin.

  3. msexceptiontotherule Says:

    She attempted to get local approval to open a brothel employing men to service women, but I think that the guy who owns most of the brothels that currently operated out there, who had pretended he’d back her, ended up blocking her from getting things started with her idea.

    She had become friends with this old lady whose husband had died, but the lady had a house full of birds (mostly parrots and other exotic larger birds) that Heidi ended up taking care of because that’s what the old lady asked her to do the day she went into the hospital, died a few days later. Once the whole business idea flopped before it even got started, she probably decided to clear out.

    Heidi was also in a serious mess of a relationship with Tom Sizemore. This was after she got arrested and did time for federal tax evasion crap. That woman’s always been a hot mess, you’d think that she’d spend some of the money (when she had a ton of it) to have a plastic surgeon fix at least some of those deep lines on her face. She had her nose done, but not the heavy creases around her mouth and on the forehead.

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