Test of your worth to engineers who think they deserve a job

Fastening sheets: as steel prices soar, appliance assemblers look …
In mid-2003, the price per ton of hot-rolled sheet steel was less than $300. … said most often shops see sheet metal about 1/4-inch thick. …
http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-132908890.html – Cached

Something deep in my soul is telling me that there is an opportunity in creating quality exercise equipment on the cheap when you can get a ton of steel for 300 dollars.



Can the engineers out there that are bored anyway go ahead and get me some plans to build some exercise equipment so at least one of us can make money. he he he

But yea also school yard type equipment is in short supply here.
I would also like to commission some of that as well.

I always thought it was rather funny how much value was added to something by just welding some pieces together and then painting it with some plastic type long lasting paint.

So yea need dimensions on the pieces and a diagram to put it together so I can start mass producing gyms at 300 per ton with quarter inch steel sheets.

Give me plans and I can go ahead and hand it to another guy to make.

If your an engineer figure out something simple you can re-engineer that you can make cheaper than anyone else. Then just sell that shit in an infomercial.

Maxicam Leg Extension Weight Machine
Available at external website: Furniture Superstore for $3,412.51
› Show only Maxicam items

I mean come on the above can’t be made cheaper and have the same quality?

I think everyone deserves their very own professional home gym for a set package price. How could it be automated so that one man putting in effort could do it himself.

Or put it this way if your engineering degree was worth the paper it was printed on you should be able to provide a pretty good case of why a company needs you or be able to make shit and not need a company to hire you for anything.

You should have a serious amount of rational self confidense pick up your nuts and barge into places like you have steel balls.


So someone said good luck finding plans and just measure up current equipment.


Looks like I will go buy autocad anyone played with it?


Found this.


9 Responses to “Test of your worth to engineers who think they deserve a job”

  1. Linkage is Good for You: Diversity Edition (NSFW) Says:

    […] Gunslingergregi – “Test of Your Worth to Engineers Who Think They Deserve a Job” […]

  2. Xamuel Says:

    But, but, but… Engineers don’t *sell* things, or *market* things. Oh my god, wouldn’t that involve, like, *talking* to people??? (And thus the great white pointy-haired boss made great profits while exploiting the engineers)

  3. gunslingergregi Says:

    Come on let me exploit you.

    I already have a marketing guy lined up to exploit.

    he he he

    But yea my dad as an engineer was able to almost do it all.

    He did partner with a guy who loved cold calling and setting up meetings with the boards of companies though and my dad would make the presentations.

  4. gunslingergregi Says:

    I just want to be the pointy haired guy and rake in money for other people doing the work and me having idea.

    I also have people lined up to do work.

    I want the shit on a silver platter allright?

  5. gunslingergregi Says:

    I have plenty of ideas I just need the team to create reality.

    One day I will have it together.

    I don’t know much about farming but yet I have a running farm as if by magic lol

  6. gunslingergregi Says:

    Not that I don’t believe in substantially rewarding people who help me achieve.

  7. Gunslingergregi Says:

    I can’t log in to wordpress anymore. Oh well..

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