My Goals. Can You Diggit?

Goals in life:

Do a twosome: Check

Do a threesome: Check

Do a foursome: Check

Fuck a 400 lb chick because I saw it in a stephen king book: Check

Get married with awesome woman who is good at sex, pretty, smart, knows 2 languages, blond, big tits, perfect pussy, nice ass, long legs, best friends, can cook, cuts my hair, irons my shit, cleans the house: Check

Use gun prenump: Check

Get divorced without getting fucked up: Check

Go to war: Check went to two

Spend time in the army: Check

Prove no greater love than to lay down my life for a friend: Check multiple times.

Face down fear of death: Check

Buy almond machine: Check

Teach myself computers ie. excel,reports etc.: Check

Teach myself stock market with real money: Half check not successful yet.

Start first stock market account with 1k: Check

Put 25k in stock market to invest daytrade: Check

Put a 100k in stock market to invest daytrade: Check

Get a woman to love me unconditionally: Check

Test it by making her financially free: Check

Test myself against the guys in war books doing 3 tours in nam have done almost 4 tours in Iraq back to back. Check

Sleep out in rain on a cold ass night: Check

Become a life coach that specializes in helping people get to 100k saved:

Open convenience store:

Open Salon: Check

Open 10 more:

Buy a Subway:

Open my own pizza place place whole basil leaves on them bad ass fuckers from my own greenhouse out back with sauce, toppings made from my own tomatoes, and every other spice wood fired 3 types of wood chips for flavors, gas electric, and conveyor, charcoal for whatever type of cooking you prefer:

Build steakhouse/seafood resteraunt with my own two hands the kind where you pick out your own live fish/crab/king crab/clams whatever. For a fee you get to kill your own cow that your steak comes off of. Will have herd of cattle out back where the meat comes from. Also will have fish farms out back as well. Kids or whoever can throw a fishing pole in and pull out there meal in about 3 seconds. Hire the best resteraunt talent from around the world to fill positions hand out bonuses to staff at end of quarters for percentage of profit (including wait staff of course):

Add on to resteraunt with a great white shark swimming in between the tables and open top so that crazy fuckers can get a ticket and ride the great white after signing release of course:

Build a castle with a fucking moat around it and a draw bridge (electronic of course) alligators in the moat. Throw live ducks to them watch them have fun. 40 foot ceilings. Bathroom with a movie size screen and swimming pool/sauna/wavepool to chill in voice recognition movie selection (ie person standing there whose job is to cater to needs). Along with shower room. Massage area surround sound chill fucking garden with waterfall rugged look with rocks some lobsters in there to toss fish too. A wall covered aquarium action on one wall. Another wall with nature sceens or whatever. Ambiance lighting. Automatic incense burners. Bedroom with the best of three types of beds water/foam/conventional rotating wall to change em out based on feel that day. Hand carved Gold Plated walls. Minimal simplistic:

Buy a mcdonalds:

Buy a red lobster:

Become financially independant:

Perfect and get mad rich in stock market on 20 screens:

Have a 100 kids:

Build up empire:

Become billionaire:

Rule the world:


18 Responses to “My Goals. Can You Diggit?”

  1. mandy been here a while Says:

    Hi gunslinger,

    SO, how close are you to 100 kids? šŸ™‚

  2. gunslingergregi Says:

    Got one he he he

    I think I will begin work in earnest on that in about 1 to 2 years. Prob most will be in my 40’s though.

  3. LILGRL Says:

    i like the last one.
    good luck šŸ™‚

  4. gunslingergregi Says:

    Almost had heart attack at your site and didn’t make any more goals he he he

    Ok now though.

  5. Default User Says:

    Comment on Gunslinger’s site: Check

  6. gunslingergregi Says:

    lol whats up bro?
    Hope things going ok for ya.

  7. Default User Says:

    Hope things going ok for ya.

    Things are going well thanks.

    I still have not drawn up plans for my empire like you have, but I am working on it. I have checked off a few smaller boxes though.

  8. gunslingergregi Says:

    Cool man goal questing. I tried to go big so I don’t run out of goals to achieve one of problems with goal questing he he he Might make the billionaire. Definetly want my own steak resteraunt. Thing is once I get that initial income rolling without too much time input the goals will go rolling along. Figure you can make 5k a day on a pizza place if semi busy looking. You can get maybe 10k month doing 460k in houses. I think once initial sweat in should be able to roll. Then just about aquiring the best people from other places and using their talents. I don’t think many people are recruiting waitstaff I could be wrong but I will. Front desk people same. Gonna be some customer service oriented people. If I am making loot they will be making some extra loot. Gonna keep fine tuning and getting specifics. Could of course use suggestions for any improvements or cool ideas.

  9. Proposing Loyalty « Girl Game Says:

    […] gestures are also great. Gunslinger once described how his current wife spent three months in jail on his word alone. This can be in […]

  10. msexceptiontotherule Says:

    Rad, now I can start commenting on yet another blog, but this time it’s YOUR blog so that makes it extra special.

    I have many goals, but after today, I can cross off the one where I get to fire a grenade launcher that actually works. The bad part was that I accidently took out someone elses shed on their property next-door, but they weren’t mad once they realized I’m a woman and the one who fired the damn thing. I even got the “Well, it was an old shed anyway, and I was going to have it replaced soon…” response. Yay!

  11. gunslingergregi Says:

    Shit every time I say something that I wish you had done you have already done it. Beginning to freak me out a little but of course cool at the same time.

  12. gunslingergregi Says:

    I have scored perfect on the grenade launcher. M203 was cool got to shoot it through the window on the old western type fake front house. Never in real life (wartime shooting) although I got to carry it in bosnia where they didn’t issue me any rounds (did get rounds for the m16a2). Of course that is why you brought it up right. So we have something in common. I just never took out the shed.

    The sighting tool on the grenade launcher works kind of like shooting a rifle it has the open site. Just that you have to judge distance in order to hit target. The recoil is a little bit stronger than a shotgun like if you shot one all day your gonna have a bruise.

  13. msexceptiontotherule Says:

    I used to totally school my cousin when we’d be out doing target practice with our dads, using a 22 (I’m pretty sure that’s what it was) – he stopped wanting to go because I was better than him at it.

    Guns are not toys though – I have a walther ppk 380 (just like James Bond oldschool) and a 12 gauge shotgun for protecting home and self; I clean them regularly, even though it’s been a while since I’ve actually gone out shooting either of them. My dad got me the shotgun about 7 years back because as he put it,l I “can’t stick a 12 gauge in my purse expecting it to be hidden”. The mr. gave me the handgun for Christmas two years ago. I actually want a revolver, I just don’t know what I should get – most are very heavy and/or very difficult for small hands to maneuver.

  14. gunslingergregi Says:

    Just get a dessert eagle or maybe a mac 10.

    Whatever weapon you choose try to get one that has a safety that seperates the hammer from the firing pin.

    Don’t want to be me and be decocking it with one in chamber and have finger “slip” and fire a round into you desktop computer destroying it.

    The 9mm I have is dummyproof. It has the feature so you pull lever back and it cannot fire even when dropped. You can also physically see it is on safe.

    Problem with glock is there really is no safety except in the trigger so potentially could drop it and have it catch on something while falling putting a cap in you.

    Benefit to glock would be noone can place there hand between fireing pin and hammer while in physical confrontation trying to shoot them after they decided to break in your house.

    Drawback is firing pin is internal so that you cannot readily see if firing pin is worn and it could have more potential to fire without you pulling trigger. At least in a glock replica I have seen this happen at range. Person was done firing and then was walking away and there fake glock went off on its own.

    Which leads to never point weapon in a direction that you wouldn’t want a bullet to go.

    Double action is probably something you should be looking for so that you do not have to cock the weapon to shoot just pull the trigger.

    Mine is single action where I have to cock back hammer before it will fire. Then after that automatic.

    Revolver can be better than slide action auto if again in a wrestling match over the gun you may only get one chance to fire if there hand is wrapped around barrel it can cause the next round to not chamber and be jammed and with two people fighting over gun gonna be hard to unjamb it.

    With revolver you should still be able to fire multiple rounds even with someones hand on barrel.

    And just have to clear barrel if a finger obstructing fireing pin but it won’t jam.

    Practice a situation where someone grabs gun basically so you know how to handle it in live situation.

    If the weapon is torqued at high rate of speed. What happened was I did a complete flip with my body but still retained positive control of the weapon because I was holding it tight.

    Walter PPK double action good for you I like the single action gunslinger type but for practicallity double better.

    In February 2009, S&W issued a recall for PPKs it manufactured for a defect in the hammer block safety.[4]””””””

    Might want to get yours checked out apparently was a recall. It has the good safety that should physically seperate but yea something went wrong maybe not so physically seperated.

    To check revolvers I’d say go to store and handle them all to see which one feels the best. It should feel comfortable in your hand.

    Like if it feels like it was made for you that is the one you should probably pick.

    Picked up a taurus before was pretty comfortable might check those first.

  15. gunslingergregi Says:

    Yea Shoot target practice those were fun days. I don’t think I would be intimidated if you could shoot better than me. Now if you could outwrestle me yea would be a problem.

    Or yea maybe if you could draw quicker and do the gun twirling around your finger better.

    Then I’d have to let you handle all the lifethreatening situations.

    I kind of thought that scene in new jack city was cool though.
    “Rockabye baby”

  16. msexceptiontotherule Says:

    I should just make you go gun-shopping with me.

    and I won’t make any claim about doing anything as well as a military man where weapons are concerned. I did, however, read that women are usually better shots as far as accuracy is concerned. If I were comparing myself to anyone from my family that is familiar with guns and proper use, I’d have to say that only my dad is better than me – my brother works as a corrections officer in Nebraska, but can’t shoot for shit. That’s probably why they have his multi-tasking ass doing the tower assignments, which is also where they have a lot of computer/electronic controls set up, so that particular job duty is perfect for him. Of course, he keeps putting in a request for actual patrol car transfer duty, but he’s a lot more useful where he’s at now, so they deny him. Oh well.

  17. gunslingergregi Says:

    Well I was planning on picking up the .5 cal sniper rifle to hunt rabbits with anyway. Why not.

  18. msexceptiontotherule Says:

    no rabbit hunting, they make horrible sounds when they’re hurt, I couldn’t handle it. My dad went once and after that he stuck to hunting quail and doves, but only in a quantity as he could reasonably see himself eating.

    I hunt clay discs and paper targets. =)

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